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An Award of Interpretation

Posted on Oct 7, 2013 by in Archived, Haliwards, Updates

Rehtaeh Parsons - Haliwards

You will often see me refer to the awards I work on, or the award recipients of our various projects as extraordinary. It’s a word I often use. I’ve always believed my vision for awards was unique. It allowed people to offer their thanks to people for anything they deemed to be incredible, anything they deemed remarkable. An award without boundaries we called it. In the past eight years I’ve seen awards being presented that would not fit any category you could dream up and those that even though they do fit into a usual category, wouldn’t receive the recognition they deserve for one reason or another.

Up until a few days ago there were only eight accolades being presented at the 2013 Haliwards but that number changes today to nine. I like to believe that however bad things seem, in whatever situations one must face in life, there is always hope; That even from the worst tragedy’s, good can still come. I believe this to be the case in the story of Rehtaeh Parsons. I’m not going to talk much on the story around her, a quick news search will educate you better than I ever could.

Rehtaeh was a young woman whose life was cut untimely short.  The news around her suicide caught the hearts of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. It has raised awareness not only across Canada but the world. From the tragic death of this individual, a movement has begun.

The parents of Rehtaeh took it upon themselves to tell the story of their daughter to help others avoid this outcome. From this, awareness has been served, laws are progressing and the world is learning from this tragedy —and I believe that is extraordinary. That is why we made the decision to present a Haliward to the family of Rehtaeh commemorating their daughter.

I believe that the Haliwards are up to the interpretation of the individual. Whether you wish to see this Haliward as a memorial to her life, as a statement to her legacy or as a thank you for what she has left behind, we’re fine with that. All we know is that we knew we had to do this. This Haliward is not just about Rehtaeh, it’s about her family and those who helped her when she needed it most and while I never knew Rehtaeh, I’m sure she would want to say thank you to those who were there for her. There will be those that don’t fully understand why we’re doing this but as we’ve always said, you never need a reason to stop and say thank you.

Even though we are a limitless award, this is not what you would have come to expect from the Haliwards, but our awards are about more than “awarding”, it’s about honouring, it’s about being thankful for the things that those around us do. The world may have not been able to save Rehtaeh, but you can be sure that Rehtaeh saved others in this world.

The Haliwards presented by Investors Group, Halifax will take place on October 15th at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax. Further details surrounding the evening ceremony can be found at

A limited number of tickets are still available here: